Our Experts


My consultation has strengthened my relationship with my physician. It was my thought that I was already cured, but he felt I needed confirmation from Cincinnati Cancer Advisors. I'm so relieved I had your consult.

This is a wonderful idea. A much needed independent patient care advocate and second opinion that provided a needed jumpstart to going forward with my treatment plan. I greatly appreciate your time and expertise! 

I thought the experience with Dr. Leming and Jill was amazing. I felt very comfortable with both of them and confident I will get through this and be fine. Dr. Leming went above and beyond to help me. He has an amazing personality and is very, very bright. I will call or go back for advice in a minute.

I value my relationship with Dr. Leming and Jill. This consultation has benefited me regarding not only my personal health care but also my confidence in my existing doctors. The process was swift and complete.

My wife and I were so pleased with Dr. Leming and his nurse practitioner, Jill Hunt. We especially appreciated their explaining medical terminology so that we, as laypersons, could understand it. We also appreciate that we might be able to contact them in the future if we have questions concerning my ongoing care. Our sincere gratitude to the persons funding this organization. 

I felt much better after this consultation. Dr. Leming and Jill are able to spend much more time and go into far more detail looking at my case than my primary doctor can. Very happy that I was able to have this second opinion.