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The Clifford J. Robson Center for Precision Oncology

In 2023, the Clifford J. Robson Center for Precision Oncology was established at Cincinnati Cancer Advisors following the untimely passing of Cliff Robson, a dear friend of so many Greater Cincinnatians, who lost his battle with cancer on April 29, 2023, at the age of 67. Although Cliff was taken from us far too early, precision oncology (or “precision medicine” as it is sometimes known) offers exciting new prospects to optimize patient outcomes by using “next-generation sequencing” techniques, where specific biomarkers can be identified that may yield vital clues as to the exact genetics of a patient’s cancer, as well as a path for the successful treatment of their cancer. Quite simply, precision oncology offers hope for cures in cases where none may have existed before.

Precision oncology is believed by many to be the “next big thing” in cancer treatment. In fact, it is already revolutionizing the way that cancer care is delivered. We believe that the pioneering nature of precision oncology fits with Cliff’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, we can think of no initiative that is more worthy of Cliff’s memory. Our vision for the Clifford J. Robson Center for Precision Oncology is to incorporate these “next generation” techniques into every patient consultation, even at times paying for genetic tests that a patient’s private insurance or government-provided insurance may not cover. We will do this because we know that precision oncology can improve patient outcomes, improve quality of life for cancer patients, and save lives.

CCF’s goal is to raise $2,500,000 by the end of 2024 to establish and fund this center for a five-year period. CCF is pleased to announce that it has already received a $250,000, five-year commitment from the Homan Foundation and an additional $250,000, five-year commitment from another private foundation in the Greater Cincinnati area. Should $1 million in fundraising for the center be achieved, an anonymous donor has also offered a $1 million matching grant, which would bring CCF very close to its $2,500,000 fundraising goal.

To donate, please select the "Contribute" button, or you can mail your contribution to Cincinnati Cancer Foundation (to the attention of Steve Abbott) at 4805 Montgomery Road, Suite 130, Cincinnati, Ohio 45212.
If you would like more information, please contact Steve Abbott at (859) 653-4686.

About CCA and CCF

Cincinnati Cancer Advisors (“CCA”) is a consultative oncology practice located in Cincinnati, Ohio that offers second opinions, genetic counseling and testing, and financial navigation services to nearly 500 Greater Cincinnati cancer patients each year, free of charge. CCA’s operations are fully funded by the Cincinnati Cancer Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit organization that was founded by Dr. William Barrett in 2015 (“CCF”).

CCF’s mission is twofold: (1) to reduce the suffering and mortality that often accompanies a cancer diagnosis and (2) make Cincinnati the safest city in the country in which to receive a cancer diagnosis. Dr. Barrett believes that patients should not have to travel outside of the Greater Cincinnati area to receive world-class cancer care and further believes that CCA is causing local oncology professionals and health systems to “raise their game” to make this dream a reality.

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