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What is a cancer second opinion?
Also called an oncology second opinion, a cancer second opinion is a consultation that includes a review of a patient’s situation, physical findings, medical records, imaging and pathology. This may confirm previous findings and recommendations or find important differences leading to a different recommendation.


Why do people get second opinions for cancer treatment?
For reassurance and confirmation or to explore further options.


How will this second opinion be integrated with my previous recommendation(s)?
We will work with your other physicians to optimize your plan of care.


How is the recommendation communicated to me as the patient and to my medical team?
You and your physicians will receive our recommendation in writing and we will speak with you and your physicians.


Why is there no charge for this consultation?
We do not want expense to be a detriment to expert advice.


Who is covering the costs of the consultation?
We provide free oncology advice, at no cost to you. Cincinnati Cancer Foundation is covering all costs in an altruistic attempt to raise the level of care in the Greater Cincinnati community.


What if the second opinion recommendation differs from the original recommendation?
We will do our best to work with your care team to develop a consensus recommendation.


Can Cincinnati Cancer Advisors assume my care?
No, we are a consultation-only service and expect to see each patient only once in consultation and a second time, if needed, for our recommendation of a plan of care.


What if I want to change my care team?
That will be at your discretion, but we will try to be helpful to whatever care team you choose.


Should everyone get a second opinion?

This is completely at the discretion of the patient and their family.


Are there any disadvantages to getting a second opinion?
A commonly cited disadvantage would be if the second opinion causes confusion or undermines a previous good recommendation. We will work very hard to avoid this through our team-oriented approach to communicating with your care team.


What questions should I ask during a second opinion?
You will want to ask if your diagnosis and extent of disease are confirmed and what would be an excellent recommendation for your situation.


Is there always a single best plan of care?
Not necessarily. There may be two or more very reasonable approaches for a particular situation and we will work to present all reasonable options to you.


Will my physician team be offended by my getting a second opinion?
Hopefully not. We will be highly respectful of them and hope to be reassuring that you are in excellent hands with them and we will be available to help them in any way that they would like.


Will receiving a second opinion impact the speed of my cancer care?
No. We intend for the process of reviewing your information and providing you with a second opinion to be efficient and reassuring.


Have more questions? Contact us. One of our expert oncologists will respond to you directly within 24 hours. ​


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