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About Us

Mission and Philosophy

Great Care Begins with a Great Plan.

The days following a cancer diagnosis can stir feelings of uncertainty, urgency and apprehension. Cincinnati Cancer Advisors exists to improve the care of cancer patients seeking a second opinion so that they walk away with a thorough understanding of their diagnosis and confidence in their plan of care.

We believe that great care begins with a great plan and in doing so we hope to take those feelings of chaos out of a cancer diagnosis through our team-oriented, mission-driven approach to making second opinions more accessible.

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A Collaborative Approach

The way we work makes second opinions for cancer treatment worth every minute of your time.


Our expectation is that the interaction with our cancer advisors is a one-time, comprehensive evaluation and recommendation. Your Cincinnati Cancer Advisors team will not replace your primary oncology providers. We support them through: 


  • Extra time and more research, all on your behalf.

  • Availability to advise your team of treating physicians

  • Clear, efficient communication, in-person or through telemedicine.


Our collaborative process is multi-layered, leaving no stone unturned:


  • We utilize multidisciplinary subspecialty expertise to give you an accurate assessment of your disease.

  • Our clinical, pathological and radiographic review of your clinical history, physical findings, radiographic images and pathological slides helps to provide much-needed peace of mind with respect to your initial diagnosis.

  • Our team approach with input from appropriate specialists leads to a great plan of care.


Finally, we recommend a course of action utilizing our physician specialists with expertise for your particular diagnosis and cancer treatment.


Our Team

Clinical Staff

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Andy Guinigundo

Director of Precision Oncology

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Philip D. Leming

Medical Director

Expert Advice on Cancer Care

When you’re fighting cancer, you want the best by your side. That’s what you’ll find at Cincinnati Cancer Advisors.


You will spend time, one-on-one, with our leading experts in cancer care. They will look under every stone and research all cancer treatment possibilities. They will recommend a thorough and comprehensive plan for your on-going care. Communication will be clear and easy-to-understand. Detailed plans will guide and serve as a personal checklist – empowering you at every step.


We understand it’s not just about treatments and therapies. It’s about having trusted cancer advisors in your corner. Whether you are getting a cancer second opinion in-person or getting a second option through telemedicine, our experts provide the caring expertise and quality time a cancer second opinion deserves.

Meet Our Experts and Hear their Voices


“I am a firm believer that you have to be passionate about what you do. I can’t help people fight a battle like cancer if I don’t have a fervent focus on the entire journey!”

Jillian Hunt MSN, APRN, FNP-C, AOCNP

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