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Getting a Cancer Consultation

How an Oncology Consultation Works

Great care begins with a great plan. The concept of our second opinion service is to provide an objective analysis and recommendations. Our comprehensive review of diagnostic studies intends to render an excellent treatment recommendation that is objective, multidisciplinary, and expert, drawing on our experienced, well-trained specialists.


The expectation is that you will return to your established physicians for care, with the benefit of our recommendation, which we will communicate to the patient and to their established physicians. The notion that we will not be providing the actual care contributes to our objectivity with our recommendation.


Many patients are comfortable with their initial diagnosis and do not feel the need for a second opinion. However, if you are interested in a second opinion, please go to Request a Second Opinion and complete the requested information. You will receive a same-day or next business day invitation for a consultation if we feel that we can be of assistance to you.

How it Works
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Why Our Second Medical Opinions Matter

Why it Matters

After 30+ years of consulting with and treating cancer patients, our experienced oncology team understands what you are feeling.  We respect your current team of physicians and want to join them in optimizing your care plan. Our personalized second opinion consultation provides a fresh perspective toward your existing plan. Our experts are here to listen and we promise to communicate clearly, in a language you and your family can understand. You deserve not to worry about cost at this time in your life, so we promise you a free cancer consultation and navigation assistance to help you access your optimized plan of care.


What to Expect

Cancer doesn’t wait and neither do we. We understand the urgency of seeking an oncology second opinion for your cancer diagnosis. That’s why you can expect to receive a same day or next business day invitation for a consultation, if we feel that we can be of assistance to you.

If you choose to move forward with a consultation, our team of expert cancer advisors will actively listen to your concerns and carefully study your diagnosis. Then we will design a clearly communicated cancer second opinion, which will include:

  • Connection to trials or other treatment options, if warranted

  • Important primary data, treatment options, and research options

  • A full physical examination from an experienced internist during in-person visits

  • Direct, rapid communication with you and your existing physician team

  • Our suggestions to get you the best care options in the world

Submit Request

Patients are asked to download and complete our Second Opinion Request form and securely fax it to (513) 731-2274.
Submissions will be reviewed daily for patient consult requests.



Once consult requests are reviewed and selected, the patient will be contacted by telephone or e-mail within 24 hours. The patient's consult will then be scheduled and
the patient's information including images (CT scans, MR scans, PET scans, etc) and
pathological slides will be requested.



Before, during or after the patient appointment the pathologic and imaging information will be reviewed and subspecialty/multidisciplinary input will be obtained.



The patient will receive a written recommendation and Cincinnati Cancer Advisors will communicate with the patient's physicians. The patient will then be asked to complete a survey afterwards to help us continue to improve our services.

Virtual Consultations

Remote conversations may be more comfortable and practical for you and your family. That’s why we provide virtual oncologist consultations. For more information, complete the Remote Consent Second Opinion form. Our team will respond to you same-day or during the next business day.

Request a Second Opinion

Virtual Consultations
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