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Check My Brain

Today was one of those “rule out” type of tests, like as in “let’s make sure cancer has not metastasized to your brain.” Although it was considered unlikely to find it there, it was a necessary step since the prostate cancer was found in a place it does not normally go, which was not that far from my brain. I am happy to report two outcomes from today’s test result:

  1. They actually found a brain in there.

  2. They did not find any trace of cancer in my brain (so that is pretty cool).

One pretty funny thing though. The radiation tech (Sarah) asked me what type of Pandora station I wanted to listen to during the 30 minutes in the MRI “tube” when it sounded like a jackhammer was going off in my headphones. I told her Linkin Park and she said “great choice.” Once I got in the tube, I heard nothing but “yacht rock” selections like Toto’s “Africa,” Christopher Cross’ “Sailing” and Norm Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky” (seriously?). The only conclusion I could draw was that the Linkin Park Pandora channel was considered incompatible in cases where brain health and brain activity are being assessed.

As I was laying in the tube as quietly as I could – suffering through yacht rock – the perfect song lyric popped into my head… “somebody check my brain.” The song “Check My Brain” is hands down one of my favorite Alice in Chains songs. I still can’t get enough of it. Although it is just one step along the way, I am glad that someone actually checked my brain today, and it was fine (i.e. no cancer).

Tomorrow I meet with my medical oncologist and I should move one step closer to figuring out what my treatment plan looks like. In the meantime, I think I will fire up a bit of Alice in Chains before going to bed.

Until next time,


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Feb 23, 2022

Thank goodness they found a brain!!!!!! I was pretty sure you had one but............

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