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I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead…

One of my favorite Warren Zevon songs is “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.”  It was also a saying of my dearly departed, very colorful, maternal grandmother, Joy Smith.  It is also a mantra of mine.

It’s been an absolute whirlwind since I last wrote six weeks ago, as this morning’s review of my calendar will attest.  I knew the pace didn’t really leave me time to write, but the following list gives a bit more insight into why:

  • Interview with Local 12’s Liz Bonis and my colleague Sherry Hughes for a show called “Cancer Breakthroughs.”

  • Met with an NFL Hall of Famer to discuss fundraising initiatives for Cincinnati Cancer Advisors.

  • Began and completed radiation to eradicate the cancer found in my L2 vertebrae.

  • Interviews on FOX 19 and KISS 107.1’s “Jon Jon & Friends” to discuss the importance of World Cancer Day.

  • Took my mother on a weekend bourbon tasting adventure to Louisville, Kentucky.

  • Filmed three Cincinnati Cancer Advisors “Medical Minute” podcasts discussing various cancer topics.

  • Participated with my colleagues over three days to host the first of two “Wine Women & Shoes” fundraising events this year for our cancer charity.

  • Completed radiation to eradicate the cancer found in my T8 vertebrae.

  • Four days of filming and speaking at a pharmaceutical conference in Orlando, Florida where Diana and I had an opportunity to tell our story as cancer survivors, and advocate on behalf of other cancer survivors.  

  • Attended a spectacular wine dinner with the owner of Bocale Winery from Umbria, Italy.

  • Attended the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce dinner where our great Cincinnati Cancer Advisors supporter John Barrett and my dear friend Donna Salyers were honored as “Great Living Cincinnatians.”

  • Spoke at an “Innovation in Oncology” dinner where I was honored to meet John and Liza Marshall, authors of “Off Our Chests,” and speak on the shared experience that Diana and I have as both cancer survivors and caregivers.

This is a partial list from the past six weeks.  Not on the list is the ZERO Prostate Cancer Summit in Washington, D.C., where nearly 150 prostate cancer advocates “storm the hill” to request increased funding for prostate cancer research.  I normally participate every year, but I was not feeling well enough to tromp around Capitol Hill this year.  Next year for sure, though.

I need to slow things down, but I feel very fortunate to be busier than ever, and somewhat relevant at the ripe old age of 61.  At an age when people often begin to feel “invisible,” I am privileged to have the opportunity to speak regularly about things I am passionate about.  I meet amazing people every single week.  

In the filming session we had a few weeks ago, we talked about how TERRIFIED I used to be when it came to any form of public speaking.  Cancer changed that for me.  I was not symptomatic, yet I had advanced cancer at diagnosis.  I feel an obligation to warn others about that possibility.

Until next time,



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