Getting a Cancer Second Opinion

Expert Advice on Cancer at No Cost

In an effort to raise the level of cancer care and cancer treatment in our region, Cincinnati Cancer Advisors' cancer second opinion service is available to members of the Greater Cincinnati community free of charge.


Second opinions for cancer treatment nationwide frequently cost $2,000 or more and are often not covered by insurance. Our altruistic intentions are made possible thanks to the generosity of the Cincinnati Cancer Foundation and its 20/20 Foresight initiative. 


If you would like to learn more about how we help with financial navigation and assistance:

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In this podcast with Dr. Bill Barrett, BLA Young Professionals discuss CCA's holistic and collaborative approach to cancer care & the beneficial impact of second opinions in cancer treatment.

About the Cincinnati Cancer Foundation’s 20/20 Foresight Program

“20/20 hindsight” refers to someone wishing that they had chosen a different path. Our 20/20 Foresight program is designed to help you choose an excellent path from the start in your cancer journey.


An excellent plan of care is critical to the optimal outcome for your cancer treatment. Multiple approaches are possible for many diagnoses and choosing the best available approach should generally be expected to provide the best possible outcome. Optimizing treatment plans for patients diagnosed with cancer in the Cincinnati region is one very important way of helping to improve outcomes for patients in our region.


The goal of the 20/20 Foresight Program is to provide reassurance that initial treatment plans are optimal or recommendations for improvement when appropriate. The review of records, slides and scans and our interview with you will be objectively performed by an outstanding, experienced team that will not assume your care. In this way, our experts will remain objective regarding recommendations. Our approach is to refer you back to your original treatment team with reassurance and/or recommendations. If you choose to seek care elsewhere, that will be at your discretion.

Patient with Cincinnati Cancer Advisors

How an Oncology Second Opinion Works 

Great care begins with a great plan. The concept of our second opinion service is to provide an objective analysis and recommendations. Our comprehensive review of diagnostic studies intends to render an excellent treatment recommendation that is objective, multidisciplinary, and expert, drawing on our experienced, well-trained specialists.


The expectation is that you will return to your established physicians for care, with the benefit of our recommendation, which we will communicate to the patient and to their established physicians. The notion that we will not be providing the actual care contributes to our objectivity with our recommendation.


Many patients are comfortable with their initial diagnosis and do not feel the need for a second opinion. However, if you are interested in a second opinion, please go to Request a Second Opinion and complete the requested information. You will receive a same-day or next business day invitation for a consultation if we feel that we can be of assistance to you.

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