Save the Date:
ASCO is Coming to Cincinnati!

Tri-State ASCO Direct 2021 Oncology Highlights Conference is taking place at the Graduate Hotel adjacent to the University of Cincinnati Cancer Center, this October 2nd, 2021. The event is sponsored by Cincinnati Cancer Advisors (CCA) and is being held for the first time in Cincinnati. Clinicians and patients are welcome to attend this informative event. 

The ASCO Direct™ program is designed to provide clinicians with key practice-changing data and clinicians and patients with information on other emerging topics from the leading clinical oncology event in the United States, ASCO Annual 2021. The most important presentations in breast and gynecological cancers, lung cancer, melanoma, sarcoma, GI malignancies and hematology will be discussed in our first annual tri-state ASCO Direct™ program, Best of Oncology.


Participants can:

  • Discuss recent clinical trial findings that have the potential to change clinical practices and optimize outcomes for patients with cancer

  • Learn from leading experts about important, potentially practice-changing data in oncology and hematology

More information to come!

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